Located outside your home is the water meter. Reading your water meter regularly will help you monitor your current water consumption. Your water meter is a helpful gadget for plumbing leak detection. Turn into a water wise consumer by learning to read your water meter for that good thing about your bank account and also the environment. Get professional tips by plumbers in Nyc on the water meter:

1. Your water meter is kept in an underground concrete box before your house. Independent of the meter, this concrete box also has a consumer valve along with a curb-stop. The river company controls the curb stop while you have free access to the consumer valve which you'll want to let down to close water supply to your house. New York plumbers educate their customers to make off the consumer valve in a situation of an burst water piper inside their home.


2. On the face from the water meter there is a sweep handle, register and leak detector. The register is made up of monochrome digits that record water passing with the meter. The leak detector can be a blue star or triangle located left to the sweep handle. A spinning leak detector when your home is not using water indicates a plumbing leak.

3. Any local plumber in New York will let you know to perform a test to ascertain or reject a plumbing leak in or around your property. Record the digits displayed on your water meter. Wait overnight without using water at your residence. This means not implementing showers, opening faucets or flushing toilets. Have a second reading the following morning. Different digits indicate a water leak somewhere in or around your home.

4. After creating a water leak - try and detect the leaky source not before closing water supply to your dwelling to prevent further water wastage. Search for brown stains on ceilings, walls or inside cabinets located under sinks. Listen for that sound of running water when no water is used, and then try to follow the noise to its source. You may not discover the leaky source once the broken water line can be found under slab. Damp patches under carpets as well as on floors are wonderful indicators of slab leaks. Whenever you cannot detect the leak or cannot repair the broken tube make sure to call the local plumber before expensive damage occurs.

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